Tantus A-Bomb Large Black Butt Plug

by Tantus

Tantus A-Bomb Large Black Butt Plug

by Tantus


The Tantus A-Bomb is a thick, advanced toy, designed for those who truly crave deep anal pleasure.

Key Benefits:

  • Incredible 7.5 inch girth for mind-blowing fullness!
  • Recommended for experienced users
  • Body-safe, non-toxic silicone construction
  • Wide base for control and safety
  • Easily sterilised between uses
  • Prostate-pleasing shape

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Order over the phone: Call 1-800-918-6308 Product #: TAN1755

  • Product Description

    The tapered neck holds the plug firmly in place while the thick, egg-shaped probe stretches and stimulates!

    The wide, flat base provides plenty of control and sits comfortably between the butt cheeks for long-term wear.

    Made from phthalate-free, non-toxic, non-porous silicone for body-safe use and easy cleaning.

    Key Benefits:

    • Incredible 7.5 inch girth for mind-blowing fullness!
    • Recommended for experienced users
    • Body-safe, non-toxic silicone construction
    • Wide base for control and safety
    • Easily sterilised between uses
    • Prostate-pleasing shape


    We recommend a good water-based lube for extra comfort with this toy bomber!

    Real Specs:

    • Length: 5.5 inches
    • Insertable Length: 5 inches
    • Circumference: 7.75 inches at largest
    • Width: 2.4 inches at widest
    • Material: Silicone
    • Special Features: Body safe, hygienic, wide base, phthalate free

Brand: Tantus

Product #: TAN1755

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A wonderful high quality toy. Thick and heavy you wont forget you are wearing this. That being said, once you have it in it sits so comfortably it is ideal for prolonged wear. Discreet enough to be worn under tight clothes so you can go about your daily business with a smile on your face. This isn't a plug for a novices but more experienced fans will be able to accommodate without a warm up; easy does it though as it is a big boy. Very high quality toy and has a lovely texture and firmness. Never mind the price, it is well worth the extra!!!


A Great Experience

From the first time I saw it, I knew that I wanted one. When I finally got it, I was not disappointed in any way. It feels great, looks great and is a pleasure to wear. It is really ease to clean and something that will last a looong time. It is much better than any other plug I have had, and well worth the bit of extra money. Because of its size, it is not for all. It will be too big for beginners - Otherwise go for IT!


The Tantus Bomb Silicone Anal Plug

The ultimate Butt Plug with a beautifully smooth but heavy feel and a huge round bulge of well over 2" diameter. It is designed to be eased slowly through the anus and slip into the rectum with an ample flange to prevent anal swallowing. Sexy Red or Black to suit tastes. The flange is shaped to rest comfortably and unobtrusively between the cheeks. A smooth tapered design allows the anus to open and close gently as the plug's huge diameter passes into the rectum. When in place the anus seals comfortably like a beautiful 'O' mouth around the thick stem. Withdrawal should be done slowly again giving time for huge bulge to pass slowly through the anus. Again the taper allows the anus to close gently. Most enjoyable but care is needed and both plug and anus should be well lubricated for comfortable use. Now for the pleasure. An erotic turn on is to watch as the anus slowly dilates to expel the plug's huge bulge. A key hygiene advantage is the ability to boil this silicone plug as we do with our other silicone plugs and dildos. My wife enjoys anal sex and was persuaded to allow me to very slowly insert this whopper into her lubricated anus. I think this huge plug has won yet another satisfied customer. She and I are now both regular users. A very satisfying addition to our anal sex equipment.


A Great Toy to "Snatch" in!

What is funny about this plug is that many people have the erroneous assumption that this plug is to be used as a warm up to other plugs, wrong! You will be quickly surprised that this plug is the real deal! Do not let the images fool you, this plug is wide, over 2 inches (forget what the add says), and I assure you that you will not be using this as a warm up, unless you are a very and I mean very serious player!!!! I measured this at 2.4", and because of it's great "bulb" shape, your sphincter will snatch this in once you get over the hump. This is a Tantus product so you now it is the best plug of its type available. You will get that great pop surprise with this plug as it shoots into the rectum. A very professional tool, highly recommended.

Aaron E. Armitage

Bomb hits target!

A great product. wife ranks me as a very talented ballplayer - I have savored the outrageous girth of Rascal Toy's Black Balled Dong (~half the length), as well as the magnificent length of Falcon's Chad Hunt Supercork (down to the balls), plus all sorts of others. Recommend this only for users who have experience with toys that are 1.75" to 2.00" wide. Take note this is a very big plug. The actual width is way "over 2 inches". With a width of 2.50"(measured true), the A Bomb plug delivers the girth and volume for a very full feeling during playtime. For reference there is a Perrier water bottle (330ml glass/resealable top version) with a similar teardrop shape. That bottle is right at 3 inches of width. One great feature is the base. It is not flared in all directions to a flat. Instead it has more of a T-handle like base. That prevents the sides from digging into the soft tissue around my wink and cheeks which helps tremendously for extended wear. Feels much better to me than similar products I have used from Doc-J. This is due to Tantus' choice of size, shape and material (pliability). I have had no reaction to the material, which is not the case with several similar toys from Doc-J and others. Highly Recommended.

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