20 Foot Super Strap Love Ties

by California Exotics

20 Foot Super Strap Love Ties

by California Exotics

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  • Product Description

    To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

    Soft, silky, supple and incredibly durable, the Love Ties were designed perfectly for both beginners and connoisseurs of rough, tough play.

    There's a full 20 feet of rope in four 60 inch (152.5cm) pieces to work with, allowing you and your lover to experiment with all kinds of trussed-up scenarios, it's super stretchy and very resilient, springing back to its original shape when tension is released.

    No matter how you choose to tie, loop or otherwise fasten them, the Ties stay firmly in place, they're fantastic for simply tying up wrists and ankles, but also works very well for more elaborate restraint creations.

    The super smooth, hygienic TPR material feels pleasurably velvety against the skin, warming naturally to body temperature as you play, it won't pull at body hair, and is safe for sensitive body surfaces.

    When you've gotten all the enjoyment you can for the time being from the Ties, clean up is incredibly easy, just swish through some warm soapy water, or use a good toy cleaner.

    Brand: California Exotics

    Product ID: SE268103