Naturally Yours Flavored Personal Lube 8oz/236ml

by Nature Labs

Naturally Yours Flavored Personal Lube 8oz/236ml

by Nature Labs

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  • Product Description

    A gentle, soothing, impeccably clean lube designed specifically to mimic a woman's natural moisture, Naturally Yours Flavored Personal Lubricant offers up a delicate, deliciously pure taste along with an incomparable, pH balanced slickness that perfectly enhances the bodies own.

    Ideal for sensitive pleasure seekers, this ultra mild formula won't irritate even the most fragile skin, it's completely free of harsh chemicals, containing no glycerine, petroleum, parabens or DEA.

    The slippery, crystal clear liquid is also completely sugar free, flavored instead with natural aromatics that leave absolutely no aftertaste as they sweeten and scent without overpowering the senses.

    Aside from delivering highly pleasurable and functional lubrication and a mouthwatering flavor burst, Naturally Yours contains several key health-enhancing ingredients, that, like the rest of the components making up this lube, are high quality, food grade and FDA approved.

    Carrageenan is the first of these, an extract of red seaweed, it's been shown in some studies to help prevent the spread of the HPV virus.

    L-Lysine is up next, this amino acid suppresses the herpes virus and could help combat transference.

     Whether you reach for Naturally Yours during sex, foreplay, or self love, with or without toys involved, this lubricant will absolutely impress.

    It's perfectly compatible with all toy materials, is condom safe, and is wonderfully suited to skin-to-skin contact.

    Thanks to its fully water-based properties, Naturally Yours won't stain sheets, skin or clothing, and rinses away with plain water.

    Vegan friendly and kosher certified.

    Water basedParaben, glycerine and petroleum freeNon-stainingSugar freeVegan friendly Condom safeToy safeKosher certified

    Brand: Nature Labs

    Product ID: HLCC814