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Intimate Organics Lemongrass Anal Relaxing Spray

by Intimate Organics


Intimate Organics Lemongrass Anal Relaxing Spray

by Intimate Organics

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  • Product Description

    Prepare for anal adventures the natural way with this gentle spray that relaxes the anal muscles and sphincter.

    Unlike some products that contain anesthetic ingredients to numb and desensitize, Daring spray for men combines certified organic extracts of clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass to naturally relax the anal area for comfortable penetration.

    Key Features:

    • Designed to make anal penetration easier and more comfortable
    • Can increase your sensitivity, excitement and pleasure
    • Doesn’t contain anaesthetic and so eliminates the possibility of skin tears
    • Uses an organic, fast-acting formula Use safely with condoms, sex toys and lubricants
    • Simply spray on about 10 minutes beforehand to give the formula time to work its magic.

    The groundbreaking Intimate Organics line of body products are made from organic ingredients that contain no harmful parabens or DEA's, and are naturally derived.

    This spray is 100% vegan friendly, containing no animal products. 

    Real Specs

    • Bottle holds 30mL (1oz)
    • Condom safe

Brand: Intimate Organics

Product ID: IE006

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United States

anal relaxing spray

We have not had a chance to use this product as of yet. Sorry have no review to give, but you folks are persistent in getting a review.


Easy does it

I had never used any anal easing treatments before. But I found having anal sex too uncomfortable to bare. So all clued up on what kind of stuff to use I decided to go for Intimate Organics as I had heard good things about them using natural sources. So getting down to business, usually myself or my partner sprays my hole and all we tend to do is just click the little spray twice. I also rub it in a little bit, just to ensure it goes everywhere it needs to. Then it goes warm for a minute after that you fell nice and relaxed ready to take on anything. I find the smell to be a little off-putting as it is quite strong, it's very difficult to describe but it is a bit overbearing when it gets on your hands and such. But I suppose you can see past this when you are having a good time. I recommend this product to both men and women who are either anxious about their first time or just find anal sex really uncomfortable. It's a miracle worker!


Amazing product!!!

Anyone who is into anal play should try this out. All it does is help you to relax, no numbing. I use a lube syringe to squirt the smallest little amount inside of me before lubing up. It feels warm and soothing in your ass. A definite staple to my anal fun.



I tried this spray because I'm kind of nervous about bum-numb stuff and this product talked about only being a relaxer, not a number. It is definitely what it says it is, which is nice because I liked to actually feel something when I'm with my boyfriend. It literally just relaxes your ass. There is also the concern about injuring myself when using an anesthetic cream or spray, so I like that I am able to feel when something is too much when I use this spray. I had my boyfriend spray it on me before sex, and when I wanted to go solo I just sprayed some on my hands and put it where I needed to. Overall, great product. I'm happy a company has geared something towards my lifestyle.


Better then I expected!!!

This spray somehow relaxes the anal muscles, while not numbing you from pleasure, it has become part of my prostate massage ritual. Works best if you have a lube injector. I pull a little bit through the tip of the syringe, this way I can get it where its needed most. That is the only con is that it is a spray, which doesn't help to get it where you need it, but like I said use a lube syringe, and you don't need much at all, and it will last longer then you will need for whatever your naughty plans are