Don Wands Glass Pleasure Plug

by Don Wands

Don Wands Glass Pleasure Plug

by Don Wands

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  • product description

    A completely unique glass plug with a shape that delivers nearly effortless pleasure!

    The Melon Crank's short body and 'juicer' style handle lets you (or your playmate) twirl it while inserted, letting the big, excitingly shaped head massage every inner sweet spot.

    Even if you choose not to use the handle as a spinner, the nice wide base leading up to the handle is ideal for traditional or anal use, protecting agasint too-deep penetration.

    Glass toys have tons of benefits that easily beat out other materials in the industry, and the slick, smooth ultra precise texture and pleasurable weighty feel is only a start.

    Safety is high on many toy users list of priorities, and Pyrex glass is one of the most body friendly materials available.

    It's phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and the non-pours surface means that bacteria has nowhere to hide.

    Your Don Wand can be easily cleaned and even sterilized, wash after each use with soap and water, or a good toy cleaner- pop in boiling water to sterilize.

    Glass is also highly sensitive to temperature, your Melon Crank will warm naturally with use, but you can increase sensation by soaking it in very warm or very cool water to create exciting variations of temperature.

    Another benefit of this material is it's versatility in terms of lube.

    You can use anything you like as a lubricant, your favorite water, oil, or silicone based lube is compatible with the non-pours surface that won't degrade.

    Finally, these toys are so pretty, and no two are exactly alike, so your Don Wand is a collectors item of sorts.

    real specs

    • Length - 6 inches
    • Insertable length - 4.25 inches
    • Circumference - 4.75 inches around at largest
    • Width - .75 inches at widest
    • Material - Pyrex glass
    • Special Features - Juicer style, hypoallergenic, hygienic

Brand: Don Wands

Product ID: GL6862CS