Clone-A-Willy Candle Kit in Red

by Empire Labs

Clone-A-Willy Candle Kit in Red

by Empire Labs

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  • product description

    The perfect project for you and your object of desire on a dark, rainy day; the Clone-A-Willy line brings you the Candle Kit.

    The slim, cylindrical package contains all you need to make an ultra detailed, exact replica of your man's penis in useable candle form.

    Full instructions are included, but the basic process is simple, mix up the molding powder and water in a bowl, and pour into the tube that doubles as packaging until you're ready to use it.

    Since the penis you're using has to be fully erect - the harder, the better - use your favorite means to that end, and then have him insert himself into the molding powder mix and hold the tube steady for a minute or two until it has set.

    Once he's out, you can start on the candle right away, or maybe you'll want to make use of the real thing first; either way, just melt the included wax chips until they can be poured into the mold, remembering to set the wick in place so that the wax hardens around it.

    Once the wax has set, gently remove the candle and you're good.

    A penis candle makes a great gag gift for your bachelorette pal, and as mentioned a great rainy day project for any playful couple.

    Plus, if the power goes out, you're all set! Make sure to follow the very detailed instructions for best results.

    real specs

    • Molding tube
    • Molding powder
    • Thermometer
    • Paraffin wax
    • Wooden skewer
    • Candle wick

Brand: Empire Labs

Product ID: EMP010