#1 - The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator - Bestseller!

Who needs a rabbit when you can kiss a butterfly?

Are you sick wasting money on generic rabbit trash? I used to have that problem… but not anymore.

Picture this. I’m home alone, nothing on T.V. and I’m super bored. I grab my rabbit and flip it on. The battery dies instantly. I swap fresh AAA’s, revive it, and get three rotations deep before it’s gone for good. Son of a…

That’s when I remember my Butterfly Kiss came. I rip the walls apart. Inhale the scent of new. Seven pink inches of pure ecstasy crafted by Athena herself.

Locked, cocked, and ready to rock, I put the rubbery tip to my clit. My body explodes in electric shock waves just before the butterfly slips inside. Oh the power! It’s a good thing it’s waterproof, because I’m wet. Really wet. Three speeds and four climaxes later I pull out and fall trembling against the bed.

Forget men. Juice your lips with a Butterfly Kiss.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • 3-Speed adjustable G-Spot stimulator may cause explosive orgasms
    • Tickling antenna sends sparks to parts of you didn’t know you had
    • Heart-shaped ridges engage multiple nerves for maximum mmm
    • Sleek and weighty, see and feel the quality in your hand
    • 7 pink inches of soft thermoplastic rubber keep you safe when going deep.
    • Push-button control gets you going in seconds
    • Feeling creative? It’s waterproof so you can take it anywhere.
    • Super quiet motor so there’s nothing to distract.
    • Long battery life. Keep at it for hours!
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 7.25 inches
    • Girth: 3.25 inches
    • Width: 1 inch
    • Needs 2 AA batteries
    • Non-Toxic
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#2 - Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 9 Inch G-Spot Vibrator No 14

Leave your body.

Imagine you’re in a deep, temperature-controlled sleep. Blanket to your chest, lost in a fantastic dream you can’t control. Suddenly you wake in that dream. You know you’re dreaming. You can go anywhere and do anything with anyone. Anything.

Lucid dreams can be incredibly pleasurable, but they’re hard to come by. Luckily, you can get the pleasure of a lucid dream whenever you want. With the award winning Doc Johnson Lucid Dream G-Spot Vibrator your seductive dream is reality.

Tantalize yourself with nine full inches of power-packed stimulation. Tease your clit with the vibrating tip or penetrate deep with the thumb. Hit your G-spot and get off as many times as you want. Start slow and intensify with several multi-speed vibrations.

Orgasms so intense you’ll escape into the astral.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Women’s Health Best Maxi Vibe Award
    • Thumb shaped tip tickles your G-spot effortlessly
    • Multiple speeds let you increase intensity as much as you want
    • Great for clitoral stimulation and repeat orgasms
    • Waterproof for shower time fun
    • Can be used on your boyfriend
    • Simple to clean
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 10 inches
    • Circumference: 4.5 inches
    • Proudly made in the USA
  • What Our Customers Think

#3 - Huge 8 Inch Vibrating Dildo by Nasstoys

Tired of ponies when you want a steed?

When was the last time a big, strong dick filled your tight, little holes? Been a while huh? You mean to tell me you’ve been settling for five and six inchers, AND you’ve gotta blow em’ first?! MADNESS!

Forget that. When you want a man, you want a man. So why do you give so much and get so little? Why not get the full force of manhood, and leave the rest behind? Seriously. Can a man grow 8 inches? Not often. Can a man’s cock vibrate? Not a chance! Can a man suction to walls and fuck for 24 hours straight? Lol.

But the Huge 8 Inch Vibrating Dildo by Nasstoys can. This remote-controlled, super-powered, bigass dick is on a mission - a mission to satisfy your darkest fantasies. Slide girth in the front or a pole in the rear, this man always delivers.

Lifelike veins and natural curvature tickle your walls and tease your G-spot. Go deep, or stay shallow, it’s up to you. Be sure to use the vibrator to cum like crazy.

The last man you’ll ever need.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • 8 full inches of pussy-pounding dick
    • Soft, powerful veins tickle your inner walls
    • Super-powered vibrations enhance your explosion
    • 3 Speeds help you set the mood and intensity
    • Natural curvature for precise G-Spot targeting
    • Control the settings for increased pleasure
    • Harness & strap-on capable so you can play together
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 8.75 inches
    • Girth: 5.5 inches
    • Width: 1.6 inches
    • Materials: PVC
    • Takes 3 x AA batteries
    • Flexible
    • Multiple-Speed
    • Suction Cup
    • Textured surface
    • Non-toxic
  • What Our Customers Think

#4 - Sex and the City Rabbit Habit Vibrator - "The Rolls Royce of Vibrators"

Sassy sensations for snarky girls.

If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City, you know about the Rabbit Habit Vibrator. It’s the one that captivates Charlotte and drives her into obsession. She has to have it, and so do you!

Better yet, this is actually the improved Rabbit Habit, with a manufacturing facelift. Now it’s more powerful, more sexual, and delivers more orgasms than ever before. Dual motors separately power the shaft and stimulator. Each has 5 modes of pulsating vibrations to tickle your fancy.

Let free-flowing ears massage your pussy lips while the staff rotates in and out. Need more? Adjust the settings and feel multi-directional movements that let you experience your body on a primal level. Maintenance is simple, and it’s completely distraction free so you can focus on getting off. Just find a comfy place, relax, and get ready to cum. A lot.

Better grab a towel.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Featured on your favorite Sex and the City episodes
    • Vibrating Rabbit ears tickle your clit and excite your core
    • Dual motors so you can penetrate and stimulate together
    • Non-toxic for a super comfortable experience every time
    • Way more orgasms than other rabbits
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 9.25 inches
    • Girth: 5 inches
    • Width: 1.5 inches
    • ABS Plastic
    • Thermoplastic Elastomer
    • Takes 4 AA batteries
    • Flexible
    • Multi-Speed
    • Rotates
    • Temperature Sensitive
  • What Our Customers Think

#5 - Lelo Liv 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Your climax in a box.

You don’t waste money on cheap. It’s never classy and always falls apart. No. You’re a woman of posh. You buy discreet luxury because you can afford it. You’re not like other women. When you look in the mirror, a cut above the rest looks back.

Whether it’s modish jewels, fancy cars, or fine dining, you go for the best. We know you. We know you need playful toys that deliver. We know they should outlast you. We know you want to feel the weight of quality in your palm when you’re screaming in ecstasy.

We know the LELO Liv 2 Vibrator is what you need. With twice the power of its predecessor, it’s your climax in a box. From the moment you open it, it’s clear this is what you dream of.

The easy-grip handle makes precision effortless. The soft silicone top is a feather against your lips. Just imagine what you can do with the sleek, curved finger, and 8 vibratory modes. You can even choose from 3 aristocratic colors, and it fits nicely in your purse.

Come alive with LELO.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Smooth silicone is magic at your center
    • Easy-grip handle lets you tickle your tips
    • Double-power lets you choose how intense you want to go
    • Discreet & silent – never worry about getting caught
    • Rechargeable battery keeps it ready when you are
    • Waterproof for playtime in the shower
    • Fantastic gift box with charger, instructions, storage pouch & more
    • 1 Year LELO so you can buy with confidence
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 6.5 inches
    • Circumference 3.5 inches
    • Materials: Professional grade silicone
    • Multi-Speed
    • Multi-Function
    • Temperature Sensitive
    • Non-Toxic
  • What Our Customers Think

#6 - Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug (13 Colors!)

Cold steel in your backdoor has never been so fancy.

Liking it in the rear doesn’t mean you can’t have class.... You’re proud, sophisticated, & sexy... Your toys should be too. You don’t buy jewelry that clashes with your vibe. So why buy toys that don’t fit with who you are?

The Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug – Crafted from heavy, solid, steel. Experience its full girth, cool touch, and elegant lines. The tip is a beautiful jewel in your favorite color. The egg-shaped head inserts with ease, and delivers ultimate pleasure when released. Grab the jeweled handle for taut ass play, or sit on it for full insertion.

Oh, and don’t forget your partner....

With 8 colors & 3 sizes to choose from, you can both find something you like. Quit wasting money on cheap, hollow, aluminum... You’re worth more!

Built for quality. Buy to last.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Heavy, solid, steel because maximum girth = maximum pleasure
    • Egg-shaped head gives you chills every time
    • Elegant, curvy design is sexy just like you
    • 3 sizes accommodate holes of any size
    • Beautiful jewel in your favorite color screams class
    • Waterproof for playtime in the bath
    • Comes with a fine velvet pouch for storage
    • Get one for your partner too
  • Quick & Dirty Features

    Small Size

    • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
    • Diameter: 1 inch 
    • Circumference: 3.14 inches

    Medium Plug

    •  Insertable Length: 3 inches 
    • Diameter: 1 inch
    •  Circumference: 3.93

    Large Plug

    •  Insertable Length:3.5 inches
    •  Diameter: 1.5 inches 
    • Circumference: 4.7 inches
  • What Our Customers Think

#7 - Black Magic Mystical Squirmy Rabbit Vibrator

When was your last séance?

You sit on the ground. A salt circle around you. Holy water to your left. Black flame candle at your feet. You’re nervous. Scared. Excited. Your left hand lights the candle. Your right hand feels your pussy. Your heart beats faster. Warm liquid through your pants. A final breath. You speak the unholy words, flip the switch, and…

Been a while since your last séance? Maybe it’s time to go deep inside yourself. Maybe it’s time to light that flame. Maybe it’s time to release the black magic of the Mystical Squirmy Rabbit Vibrator.

Why do you torture yourself? You know you can have release. Blissful. Sensual. Dark. All the power of black magic in the shaft of this sleek, stylish, vibrator. Multiple speeds for intense pleasure. Thick rod with mushroom head fills your favorite holes. Don’t forget the full powered clit stimulator for multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

Exorcise your carnal demons.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Rabbit style vibrations that set your body on edge
    • Powerful clit bullet thrills your pussy’s pleasure
    • Realistically shaped head for monstrous penetration
    • Firm shaft with plushy overlay feels great in and out
    • Flexible rabbit head satisfies from any angle
    • Multi-speed for increased orgasms
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 9 inches
    • Girth: 4.4 inches
    • Width: 1.25 inches
    • Waterproof
    • Multi-Speed
    • Rotates
    • Non-Toxic

#8 - Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager

Supernatural pleasure.

Enter the realm of forbidden fruit. What do you see? Pleasure beyond your wildest dreams? What does that look like? For me it looks like the Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager.

This is no ordinary pleasure wand. It’s a supremely powerful magic wand packed with so much intensity it’s banned in the wizarding world. Sorry Hermione, maybe next time.

With the flick of your wrist, this brilliant wand soothes sore neck and shoulder muscles. But we know you don’t care about that. That’s why it’s totally fine if you slip its head inside your pants and soothe your other needs.

Neck, shoulders, ass and pussy. Where you want to feel good is where the magic is. The flexible neck reaches odd angles easily. Three speeds give magical orgasms. A blue LED tells the battery life, and it even comes with a storage bag for safekeeping.

Proof magic is real.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Magic Vibrations take care of all your needs
    • 3 Speeds so you can control the number of orgasms
    • Quiet motor so you’re never distracted
    • Waterproof for fun in the shower
    • Slowly fading LED light indicates battery level
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 8.5 inches
    • Width: 1.8 inches
    • Takes 4 AAA batteries
    • Ultra quiet
    • Waterproof
    • Non-Toxic
  • What Our Customers Think

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