#1 - Evolved Novelties 7 Function Bendable You Too Couples Vibrator

A vibe that stretches so you don’t have to.

You browse positions all day so you can get creative with your man. Now you’re in bed, naked and entwined. You mention the pose. He’s happy to try it. You wiggle around and finally get it. Just one problem.

Three seconds in his leg cramps. He cries out. Roles away. Your sex is ruined.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, you need the Extra Bendable Silky Couples Vibrator. It’s an ultrapowered, bendy vibe that stretches so you don’t have to. Just place the end against your clit, or insert for Gspot power. It can bend to any angle so your man can slide in with you. It’s 3 for 1 pleasure!

Cramps suck. Sex should pleasure. Next time ensure 0 interruptions.

Just eruptions.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Flexible Power That Gets You Both Off
    • Dual vibes so you can both have fun
    • Tickles the clit and Gspot at the same time
    • Leaves room for him to slide in with you
    • 7 functions so you both get off together
    • Waterproof for pool sex
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Length: 9 inches
    • Girth: 3.5 inches
    • Width: 1.1 inches
    • Takes 2 AAA batteries
    • NonToxic
  • What Our Customers Think

#2 - Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug (13 Colors!)

Cold steel in your backdoor has never been so fancy.

Liking it in the rear doesn’t mean you can’t have class.... You’re proud, sophisticated, & sexy... Your toys should be too. You don’t buy jewelry that clashes with your vibe. So why buy toys that don’t fit with who you are?

The Solid Steel Jeweled Butt Plug – Crafted from heavy, solid, steel. Experience its full girth, cool touch, and elegant lines. The tip is a beautiful jewel in your favorite color. The egg-shaped head inserts with ease, and delivers ultimate pleasure when released. Grab the jeweled handle for taut ass play, or sit on it for full insertion.

Oh, and don’t forget your partner....

With 8 colors & 3 sizes to choose from, you can both find something you like. Quit wasting money on cheap, hollow, aluminum... You’re worth more!

Built for quality. Buy to last.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • Heavy, solid, steel because maximum girth = maximum pleasure
    • Egg-shaped head gives you chills every time
    • Elegant, curvy design is sexy just like you
    • 3 sizes accommodate holes of any size
    • Beautiful jewel in your favorite color screams class
    • Waterproof for playtime in the bath
    • Comes with a fine velvet pouch for storage
    • Get one for your partner too
  • Quick & Dirty Features

    Small Size

    • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
    • Diameter: 1 inch 
    • Circumference: 3.14 inches

    Medium Plug

    •  Insertable Length: 3 inches 
    • Diameter: 1 inch
    •  Circumference: 3.93

    Large Plug

    •  Insertable Length:3.5 inches
    •  Diameter: 1.5 inches 
    • Circumference: 4.7 inches
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#3 - Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System - The Perfect Bondage Product!

The Perfect Bondage Product

Have her your way.

He’s whining cause’ you never blow him. You count your fingers. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND this morning… In fact, you’ve sucked his dick all week! When’s it his turn? The more you think about it, the madder you get.

But you’re not the type to be taken advantage of. You’re gonna do something about it. This time, you’re gonna lure him into the bedroom. Get him on his back. Cuff his hands and feet. Tease his cock a little. It’s probably stiff by now.

Stand above his head. Let him take a good look at what he’s missing. Now drop. Smother that whining, bitching face in pussy and ass, and enjoy every second of it.

There’s nothing he can do!

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • The Ultimate Bed Restraint
    • 4 Soft straps restrain hands and feet for fun
    • Simple to assemble, and worth every second
    • Velcro straps for quick, easy entry
    • Easily adjust connector straps for extra length
    • Use it on him first, and then switch if you dare
    • Restrain him face down for easy anal access
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • Velcro
    • Made in the USA
  • What Our Customers Think

#4 - Fetish Fantasy Unisex Hollow Strap-On

Seduction after dark.

Three swirls. A quick sniff. You tip the Zin again, and let it slide down your throat hole.

You’re fired up, and so is he. Two passionate lovers raging lust and looking for fun. He moves close. Your lips touch. His stubble brushes your cheek. You inhale the scent of man.

His hand slides down your leg. His fingers touch your mound. He presses gently. Your eyes shut. Your teeth grit. Your breath is heavy. His pants come off. His cock slides out. He motions with his hand.

You push him back. You tell him no. He tries again. You stop him. You reach below the couch. A strap on dark as night. “I take chocolate with my wine.” You step in. His jaw hits the floor. If he wants the goods, he’ll have to prove his worth.

A sexual demon has come out to play.

Have Chocolate with Your Wine.

How It Looks

Benefits & Features

  • Orgasmic Benefits
    • The darkest strap on – release your sexual demons
    • Curved shaft and mushroom head easily find your GSpot
    • Hollow so he can slip inside and feel comfortable
    • Fits on you so you can reverse roles
    • Goes great with your favorite wine
  • Quick & Dirty Features
    • What Our Customers Think

    #5 - Sportsheets Hog Tie & Cuffs Set

    Submit to beastly euphoria.

    Have you ever wanted to fuck your partner while they were completely helpless? Sure, you could tie em’ up. But that’s a lot of work. First you need rope. Gonna go out for rope? Not very sexy. Then you have to learn to tie. Hope YouTube has hog tie vids. By the time you get it, the flame is gone.

    Fuck that. Save yourself the trouble, and get a Sportsheets Hog Tie & Cuffs Set. It’s freakin’ simple. Cuff your partner’s arms and legs. Then attach the harness at the center. With her hands restrained behind her back, you can do whatever you want. Anal. Oral. The possibilities are endless.

    The cuffs are big enough for his wrists too. Don’t let him have all the fun. Strap him down and satisfy your darkest desires and his. Sit on his face, torture him, or even use that starter dildo you picked up yesterday.

    Don’t mess with rope. Hogtie with ease.

    Take Full Control.

    How It Looks

    Benefits & Features

    • Orgasmic Benefits
      • A simple hot tie solution that renders them helpless
      • 4 pairs of soft, sturdy cuffs to secure their wrists and ankles
      • Heavy duty metal oring that won’t break under pressure
      • Activates your carnal nature for hours of beastly fun.
    • Quick & Dirty Features
      • What Our Customers Think

      #6 - Sportsheets Newcomers 5 Inch Strap-On Starter Kit

      Explore your bedroom. Excite your life.

      Relationships fall flat when things get super boring. Guy or girl, doesn’t matter. When the fun’s not home, they look other places. Jeez. Isn’t it obvious?

      Avoid outside exploration by exploring your bedroom. With a Sportsheets Newcomers StrapOn Starter Kit you’ll prove your spice. Everything changes with his first penetration. Let’s not forget he can wear it too!

      Anal, pussy, mouth. Get it any way you like it. This strap on doesn’t judge. Plus it’s made for newbies so you always feel confident. Look, if you don’t get their attention, someone else will.

      Excite your life, and his with a starter strap on!

      He’s More Daring Than You Think.

      How It Looks

      Benefits & Features

      • Orgasmic Benefits
        • Super simple starter dildo for first timers
        • Soft silicone eases in and pleasures fast
        • Curve shaft touches your most sensual fruit
        • Waterproof dildo & machine washable harness for easy clean
        • Excites your relationship & ignites sexploration
      • Quick & Dirty Features
          nontoxic & latex free silicone dildo
      • What Our Customers Think

      #7 - Real Skin 7 Inch Vibrating Strapon Dildo + Harness

      Step In. Strap On. Slide together.

      When the last time you had a strap on that came with a vibrating dildo that suctions to the wall? When was the last time it came with 7 full inches of thick, girthy cock, realfeel skin, and bulbous veins?

      Probably never.

      Now you can please your partner and yourself. Slide this cock over your thighs and slip into your guy or girlfriend. It’s made for role reversal so nobody gets left out.

      Believe me, the first time you try this Real Skin 7 Inch Vibrating Strap On, you’ll feel the difference. Your pussy. His ass. Doesn’t matter. Pleases anyone, anytime, anywhere. Try it in front of a mirror and watch how big your eyes get.

      It’s that good.

      Strap On Power at Its Best.

      How It Looks

      Benefits & Features

      • Orgasmic Benefits
        • Long, slim shaft makes it easy to enjoy
        • RealSkin really feels real – he’ll love it too
        • Suction cup dildo for solo play
        • Powerful vibrations flutter to your core
        • Bulbous veins tickle every nerve
        • Adjusts for other dildos so you have options
        • Mushroom tip slides along your G-Spot
      • Quick & Dirty Features
        • NonToxic
      • What Our Customers Think

      #8 - Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex 9 Inch Hollow Strap On Vibrator

      Electric eel power between your thighs.

      You’ve been with your partner a while. Your relationship has really grown. You started with vibrators. Graduated to strap ons. One time he even let you put it in his butt. But that’s all in the past, and you need to keep things fresh.

      You need a Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex 9 Inch Hollow Strap On Vibrator! This is one bad mofo. Way bigger than most dildos – it’s hollow, and vibrates too. Yes! Now you can both feel the power of this big, red, slippery electric eel between your legs.

      It straps on easy, and penetrates to your middle. If he’s feeling brave, you can use it on him too! This one’s not for the faint of heart. You’ve really gotta trust each other. No worries, it’s made of soft, safe, nontoxic materials that last as long as you do.

      If all else fails, just remember your safe word.

      How It Looks

      Benefits & Features

      • Orgasmic Benefits
        • One Bad Mofo.
        • Only for true sexual super troopers
        • Vibrates for dual pleasure – cock and pussy
        • Hollow so his manhood is comfy inside
        • Smooth veins are gentle, but frothy against your walls
        • Straps on easy for quick sex play
        • Great for womanonwoman sexual extravaganzas
        • Removable controller to adjust through 7 settings
        • Curved shaft stimulates his prostate and her Gspot
      • Quick & Dirty Features
        • Hypoallergenic
        • Waterproof
        • Sample lube included
      • What Our Customers Think

      #9 - Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

      Takes you back to high school.

      There are times in life when it doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter how many vibrators, penis pumps, masturbators, or butt plugs you try, none rekindle the flame.

      But what if you could travel back in time instantly to your high school years? That time when you were at the peak of your sexual curiosity. When you flirted, teased, and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be worth trying one more time?

      I’ve got a secret for you.

      The Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing CAN take you back to those years! Just imagine the possibilities.

      You’re dangling in thin air with his tongue in your pussy. You’re hanging on, suspended only by his rod. You’re swinging back and forth in a whirlwind of breathing, fucking, ecstasy!

      This swing has the power to make you young again. Do you have the courage to try it?

      How It Looks

      Benefits & Features

      • Orgasmic Benefits
        • The holy grail of fucking pleasure.
        • Soft padded straps suspend from the ceiling
        • The flexibility to fuck in any position
        • Heavy duty bar stabilizes vigorous sessions
        • 1000 of possible ways to get off
        • Suspend yourself on nothing but his cock
        • Comfortable stirrups make it easy
      • Quick & Dirty Features
        • What Our Customers Think