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Our Team




Meet The Founders

Drew Jackson

eCommerce Manager

Drew co-founded Simpli Pleasure in 2010 with Brooklyn and Clayton.  He leads the eCommerce team and manages all things tech at Simpli. Drew tests and implements data driven improvements to Simpli Pleasures website and store.

Brooklyn Wells

Brand Ambassador

Brooklyn co-founded Simpli Pleasure in 2010.  As the original Simpli Passion Party host Brooklyn has always been known as the face of the company.  Brooklyn is both the Web & Product Design Lead at 

Clayton Ferguson

Product Manager

Clayton co-founded Simpli Pleasure in 2010 and currently oversees quality control across all Simpli owned websites and marketing campaigns. Coming from a detail-oriented background in tax and accounting Clayton can usually be found tweaking font sizes, or moving commas around somewhere on the website.

The Rest of the Team


Jessie Wilson: Customer Care
Kyle Wonacott: Logistics & Shipping
Dan Henshaw: Logistics & Shipping
Caroline Crawford: Content Publisher
Brianna Sutherland: Account Manager
Madeline Anstey: Accounting
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