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'Great designs are born out of simplicity and effectiveness'

Simpli Pleasure is a retailer and designer brand of intimate products that practices a minimalist philosophy and sells exclusively online.  We strive to help people explore and better understand their sexuality, raise awareness around sexual health issues and most importantly we give people the tools information they need to experience new and mind blowing sexual fantasies.

From day 1 we decided to be more than just a retailer of adult toys, we feel very strongly about sexual health issues - especially people suffering in LGTB communities or third world countries who have limited access to information and suffer increased abuse from governments and mainstream consciousness



Welcome to's GAY HUB page.  Learn everything about us here!  

Are you straight?  This is our gay portal so you might be more comfortable on our general page (Click here) but that doesn't mean you can't discover the joys of G-Spot stimulation and enhanced masturbation for yourself.  Straight men are extremely uncomfortable with anal stimulation and cite it as the #2 biggest sexual turn off (next to belittling baby-talk from a female partner)



A straight mans anal cavity is curved the same as any other, so if you're daring enough muster the Lewis and Clark in you and embark on a journey of G-Spot discovery... besides, you can keep it a secret anyway ;)

The Joys of G-Spot Stimulation and Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is the key to sexual pleasure in a man. It is the button that opens a floodgate of sensation, commonly referred to as the P-spot, the "G-spot" of a man.


The prostrate gland is rubbed, stroked or gently pressed through the wall of the rectum. Due to the high sensitivity of the prostate gland, it gives you a tingling feeling. That feeling, moments before ejaculation, is the prostate gland beginning to pump out more semen. When the prostate starts the process of emptying itself the sensation can simply drive you wild.  


The mechanics of prostate stimulation extend the length of an orgasm, increase the amount of your ejaculate, and leave you hanging on the intense pre-ejaculation sensations.  This is why prostate massage induced orgasms are so insanely pleasurable; your entire physiology changes to intensify the orgasm.  




Anal sensitivity during a prostate massage is simply overwhelming. The anal area has thousands and thousands of nerve endings. It is a man's hot spot which tells you why prostate massage is pleasurable.


It can get aroused to such unprecedented levels that will make you feel like you are sucking air through the anus. A prostate massage stimulates the anal area when rubbing the rectal wall to massage the prostate gland.

Just Google 'prostate massagers' and read some reviews of what people have to say about it...



If you're starting out this is our top recommendation:


Taking it to the next level

Prostate massage also brings a new dimension to sex or masturbation because of the psychological or mental high a man is able to achieve. The positions assumed during prostate massage by the receiver are often vulnerable positions. Whether it is a face to face or face "away" from the giver, vulnerable positions will be assumed by a male. A male is always used to controlling and conquering and when placed in a vulnerable position to receive a prostate massage, it simply creates a wild mental high stateAn experience you never had before. Simply crazy! 


The brain is the most agile sex organ and when it gets into sexual overdrive, it triggers subsequent hormonal releases and you will experience sensations simply out of this world. Straight men often experience strong cognitive dissonance when they learn how pleasurable prostate massages can be. If you haven't heard of LELO yet, you should check out this product, the #1 selling prostate massager ever made:


What's Else is Popular?

Simpli Pleasure Believes shopping for sex toys should be fun and exciting.  Sex is an expression, sex is fun - and therefore shopping for sex toys should be fun and exciting as well.  Stretch your imagination as you browse our store which has been carefully laid out.  Here are some of the most popular categories for you to explore




Our Mission

Coming out on top of the competition is a hard thing to do, therefore we over-deliver to customers. Getting tied up with fans is part of our customer-centric vision and by cementing the bond we promise you'll come back for a second round.

Some companies are only focused on closing sales but that's not our philosophy, we're focused on the back end. After placing your order we still need to get our package in your door as fast as possible (and without anyone knowing about it). We do this by having multiple distribution centers and discreet packaging. When you place an order with us that's just the beginning and we guarantee the royal treatment. You'll never regret buying from us - so make your purchase now... Then light a cigarette, sit back, and relax while we ship your goods, massage your back, then spoon you to sleep.


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