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Strapless Dildos

Strapless Dildos

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Strapless Dildos

Shop Our Favorite Strapless Dildos

Want a more intimate experience with your partner? Initially designed for lesbian couples, these versatile strapless dildos are perfect for a personal sexual encounter with your lover and are a great alternative to the classic harness strap-on dildos. Using your Kegel muscles, you squeeze the bulb end of the strapless dildo and thrust the dildo part of the toy into your partner for a pleasurable experience. You can use these harness-free dildos vaginally or anally. Some of these dildos have vibration functions for even more thrilling stimulation.

Tip: For better performance, try our Kegel health and exercise toys to strengthen your vaginal muscles to develop a better grip for strapless dildos.

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