Top 10 Finger Vibrators

Orgasms are a simple touch away when you’ve upgraded your fingers of pleasure by wearing or using one of our petite, discreet, and elite finger vibrators!

Whether you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to sex toys, anyone can enjoy these miniature erotic delights. Most of these finger vibes can be securely worn on your finger so you can effortlessly maneuver them and glide the over your sweet spots easily. Some of these sex toy accessories have textured surfaces to give you an extra sensual massage. Small and convenient, these travel-friendly vibes can be hidden inside your purse or tucked away in your pocket for on-the-go pleasure. From luxurious and innovative to simple and sensational, finger vibrators come in a wide range of designs and with a variety of functions and features, so there’s always one that makes the perfect fit for your naughty needs! Be sure to view our our finger vibrator buyer's guide to learn more.

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  • Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Nubby Vibe

    • Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Nubby Vibe by  Screaming O -
    • Mind-blowing orgasms are just a finger away! Make your finger-play something to write home about with the thrilling Screaming O FingO Vibrator!

      Key Benefits:

      • Powerful single speed vibrator compliments your finger to provide orgasmic stimulation for your partner!
      • Reusable finger vibe for long-lasting fun
      • Nubbed finger sleeve for extra naughty sensation
      • Includes a handy toy keeper (for travel convenience) and replacement batteries 
      • Soft and smooth silicone finger sleeve for perfect comfort and fit
      • Stretchy finger grip adjusts to fit any size
      • Removable vibrator can be used with other finger sleeves or alone

  • Fukuoku 9000 World's Original Fingertip Massager

    • Fukuoku 9000 World's Original Fingertip Massager
    • Product Description

      One of the best known mini vibes around, the Fukuoku is a powerful little 2 1/4 inch external stimulator that slips securely over a fingertip.

      Because it essentially becomes a part of your hand,  positioning and perfect placement becomes incredibly easy and pleasurable, since it'll go where ever your finger does.

      It's absolutely perfect for foreplay and to deliver extra clitoral stimulation during sex, especially considering the very small size that won't get in the way of your pleasure.

      The 9000 version of this foreplay-essential vibe has a little more to offer than the original, with a more powerful motor that delivers 9000 steady, single speed vibrations per minute and a spiral-textured silicone sleeves that can be slipped overtop of the smooth default tip.

       Since the soft little sleeve is made from hypoallergenic, hygienic surgical grade silicone, it's extra durable and completely body safe, it can be cleaned easily and even sterilized with a quick boil.

      Use a good water based lube if needed to keep the silicone at its best, silicone formulas and use with other silicone toys should be avoided.

      Takes 2 LR44 watch batteries, which are included.

      Not recommended for use in water.

      Real Specs

      • Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
      • Battery: 2 x LR44 Batteries
      • Special Features: Hypoallergenic

  • Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Tingly Vibe

    • Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Tingly Vibe
    • Give yourself ultimate mind-blowing pleasure right on the tip of your finger! The Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Tingly Vibrator is an exciting, powerful toy that will give you never-ending fun.

      Key Benefits:

      • Powerful single-speed vibe with super-powered motor for maximum pleasure
      • Sensual ticklers for extra stimulation
      • Stretchy, comfortable band that fits any size
      • Removable vibrator for versatility
      • Compact size for travel convenience
      • Batteries included!

  • Jopen Aries Discreet Finger Massager

    • Jopen Aries Discreet Finger Massager by  Jopen -  - 1
    • Get deliciously fingered with the ambidextrous Aries Discreet Finger Massager! Fingering yourself or your lover just got more exciting with this luxury finger vibe. With its unique shape and powerful vibrations, the Jopen Aries Finger Massager is a discreet and sensual sex toy accessory that will spice up your favorite sex acts instantly.

      Key Benefits:

      • Multi-function, miniature vibrator to make all finger play extra exciting!
      • Discreet sex toy accessory that you can bring anywhere with you for on-the-go pleasure
      • Bullet vibrator that has 5 varying modes for customized pleasure!
      • Designed with fingerprint-like ridges and raised fin-like extension for even more interesting external stimulation
      • Waterproof for shower and bathtub fun!
      • Velvety smooth and soft silicone material for added comfort

  • Waterproof Whisper Quiet Neon Lil' Finger Vibrator

    • Waterproof Whisper Quiet Neon Lil' Finger Vibrator
    • The Neon Lil' Finger Vibrator just made finger play better than ever! This discreet and powerful vibe is sure to bring you plenty of pleasure any time.

      Key Benefits:

      • Simple and beginner-friendly finger vibrator for exciting stimulation any time!
      • Discreet sex toy that you can bring with you anywhere
      • Designed for one-time use and lasts up to 40 minutes -- great for solo or couples sex play!
      • Provides a single, powerful speed for maximum and instant pleasure
      • Sleek and fun neon-colored sex toy for a bright addition to your collection!
      • Waterproof sex toy to accompany you to showers, baths, and more
      • Finger ring on the end for easy handling and retrieval!

  • Neon Finger Fun Vibe

    • Neon Finger Fun Vibe by  Pipedream -  - 1
    • Fingering yourself just got better! The Neon Finger Fun Vibrator is a colorful and textured finger vibrator that gives you instant and discreet pleasure anywhere.

      Key Benefits:

      • Fun and versatile finger vibrator that delivers all kinds of arousing thrills to your sweet spots!
      • Specially angled tip for more direct pleasure and G-spot massage
      • Features multiple vibration intensity modes for you to experiment with!
      • Can be inserted inside you or used on outer pleasure zones
      • Small, but effective, finger vibrator that will get you over the edge every time!
      • Textured surface with pleasure nubs to enhance stimulation
      • Discreet vibrator that you can use anywhere by yourself or with your partner!
      • Fun neon color for an extra eye-catching detail
      • Waterproof sex accessory that you can take with you to the bath or shower!
      • Stretchy and strong finger band for a secure hold and easy use

  • Jimmy Jane Hello Touch

    • Jimmy Jane Hello Touch
    • Melding fantastically powerful, pinpoint precise vibration with the unique pleasures of electrostimulation, Jimmyjane's Hello Touch X blissfully transfers a chosen sensation through delightfully supple, silky smooth silicone contacts. The perfect way to dabble in electrostimulation, Hello Touch X offers two sensations in one product.

  • Nasstoys Finger Tip Vibrator

    • Nasstoys Finger Tip Vibrator by  Nasstoys -  - 1
    • Feel the buzz with the touch of your finger with Nasstoys Finger Tip Vibrator!Simple and fun, this mini vibrator is a great way to enhance clit or nipple stimulation with just your finger tip.

      Key Benefits:

      • Features jelly-like ticklers to tease your clit and other sweet spots
      • One-time use finger vibe for a quick stimulator any time
      • Lasts for about an hour or more

  • Horny Honey Finger Play Vibrator

    • Horny Honey Finger Play Vibrator
    • Blow the top off your finger play and go wild with pleasure with the ultra-orgasmic Dolphin Vibe!

      Key Benefits

      • Mini vibrator with flexible tip for pinpoint stimulation on your most pleasurable sweet spots!
      • 5 inches of soft jelly material with ultra-pleasurable dotted texture
      • Three vibration settings to escalate pleasure anytime you want
      • Two rings on the back of the device ensure a good grip while you finger yourself silly
      • Totally waterproof for exciting outside of the bedroom adventure!

  • Fukuoku 12K Fingertip Massager with 3 Penetration Tips

    • Fukuoku 12K Fingertip Massager with 3 Penetration Tips by  Fukuoku Therapeutic Vibes -  - 1
    • Adding three distinctly shaped and textured little penetrators into the already impressive pleasure mix boasted by the much-loved original Fukoku Fingertip Massager, Fukuoku 12K is a fantastically versatile take on this ultra powerful little stimulator that slips securely over a fingertip.