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Top 10 Clitoral Vibrators

Want to give your hot button extra attention? Boost your self-pleasure with a clitoral vibrator!

Clitoral vibrators are the perfect sex toy for women who love having their orgasm button teased and pleased. If you’ve never had a vibrator before or you struggle with clitoral stimulation, these petite, handheld vibrators will be your new best friend! Now your hand won’t be doing all the work.

Designed intensify clitoral sensations, these powerful vibrating pleasure toys allow you to feel even more incredible, explosive orgasms. From miniature, portable-sized vibes to classic rabbit vibrators, these innovative and exciting clit-tastic female sex toys give you the targeted pleasure you need for body-rocking, thigh-quivering climaxes, whether you’re enjoying solo play or giving your partner a peek at your naughty desires. Add a clitoral vibrator to your collection for all your clit-arousing needs! Be sure to check our a info-packed buyer's guide for more on getting the best out of your clitoral vibes!

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  • #1

    The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator - Bestseller!

    • The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator - Bestseller!
    • It's time for you to indulge in total feminine arousal! Let your body flutter with intense and orgasmic pleasure with the Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator. This dual-action vibe delivers a sensual and thrilling massager to multiple sweet spots.

      Key Benefits:

      • Multi-speed G-spot vibrator that stimulates more than one pleasure spot simultaneously!
      • Fluttering butterfly wings with teasing antennae for ultimate clitoral stimulation
      • Quiet and powerful motor for secret indulgence any time!
      • Made from soft jelly rubber material for added comfort 
      • 100% waterproof for fun and erotic water adventures!
      • An enjoyable alternative to the rabbit vibrator
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  • #2

    Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Nubby Vibe

    • Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Nubby Vibe by  Screaming O -
    • Mind-blowing orgasms are just a finger away! Make your finger-play something to write home about with the thrilling Screaming O FingO Vibrator!

      Key Benefits:

      • Powerful single speed vibrator compliments your finger to provide orgasmic stimulation for your partner!
      • Reusable finger vibe for long-lasting fun
      • Nubbed finger sleeve for extra naughty sensation
      • Includes a handy toy keeper (for travel convenience) and replacement batteries 
      • Soft and smooth silicone finger sleeve for perfect comfort and fit
      • Stretchy finger grip adjusts to fit any size
      • Removable vibrator can be used with other finger sleeves or alone
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  • #3

    LELO ORA 2 'The World's Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator

    • LELO ORA 2 'The World's Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator' by  Lelo -  - 3
    • Lavish yourself with sweet and sensual pleasure with the LELO ORA 2! This high-tech and innovative luxury vibrator mimics oral sex action perfectly so you can enjoy these thrilling sensations any time.

      Key Benefits:

      • The exciting and creative pleasure tool for oral sex lovers!
      • Packed with 10 vibration patterns for you to indulge in
      • Designed with LELO's exclusive SenseTouch technology -- the harder you press, the stronger the vibrations get!
      • Beautiful, sleek design with easy-to-hold ring shape
      • Velvety smooth and soft silicone material for extra comfort and pleasure!
      • Rechargeable vibrator for a convenient and eco-friendly sex toy
      • Memory chip installed to remember your favorite vibration pattern
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  • #4

    LELO Mia 2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

    • Lelo Mia 2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator by  Lelo -  - 1
    • A truly sensational clitoral vibrator and an absolute necessity if you want it discreet! The Lelo Mia 2 is specially shaped like a lipstick so you can indulge in on-the-go pleasure any time. It's the perfect accessory to add to your bag!

      Key Benefits:

      • A petite, lipstick-shaped vibrator for on-the-go pleasure -- a woman's best friend!
      • 100% more vibration and power than the Mia 1
      • Programmed with 6 mind-blowing vibration patterns for you to indulge in!
      • Discreet size for spontaneous play anytime, anywhere
      • Lasts up to 1.5 hours non-stop on a full charge!
      • 100% waterproof for bath and shower fun
      • Rechargeable sex toy for your convenience!
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  • #5

    LELO Mona 2 6 Functions USB Rechargeable Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

    • LELO Mona 2 6 Functions USB Rechargeable Luxury G-Spot Vibrator
    • Mona 2 promises the most pleasurable G-Spot stimulation! Beautifully curved to give you the best G-spot massage, the LELO Mona 2 makes G-spot pleasure easier and more enjoyable than ever.

      Key Benefits:

      • Full-sized G-spot vibrator to give you a satisfying inner massage!
      • Includes 6 various pleasure functions for plenty of intense and orgasmic experiences
      • Elegantly curved for direct G-spot stimulation!
      • Whisper-quiet motor for ultimate discreet orgasmic pleasure
      • Rechargeable luxury vibrator for your convenience!
      • Waterproof sex toy that can be used for erotic water fun
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  • #6

    LELO Femme Ina Wave

    • LELO Femme Ina Wave by  Lelo -  - 1
    • Lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure with the INA Wave Vibrator for an overwhelming blended orgasm! INA Wave is inspired by the caress of a lover's fingers, as it surges with a natural come hither motion to massage your G-Spot.

      Key Benefits:

      • The luxury rabbit vibrator that gives you more pleasure!
      • Designed to move in a "come hither" motion like a real finger to massage and stroke your G-spot for a more intimate experience
      • Excites your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously for double the orgasms!
      • Loaded with 10 sensational vibration modes for endless arousal
      • Rechargeable vibrator for your convenience -- perfect for traveling!
      • Silky smooth and luxurious silicone material for added comfort
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  • #7

    The Original Hitachi Ultra Powerful Magic Wand Clitoral Vibrator

    • The Original Hitachi Ultra Powerful Magic Wand Clitoral Vibrator
    • There's a reason the Hitachi Magic Wand has set the standard for hand-held massagers for the last 30 years! Enjoy the deep, penetrating vibrations of this high-end massager vibrator.

      Key Benefits:

      • Best-selling massager vibrator for the last 30 years!
      • 2 speeds with varying intensity and power
      • Feel the orgasmic rush at 5,000 to 6,000 vibrations per minute!
      • Incredibly soft vinyl head for soothing massages
      • Perfect for women who have trouble climaxing or enjoy intense clitoral stimulation
      • Extremely powerful and reliable Japanese-made motor!
      • Excellent for beginners and advanced pleasure enthusiasts
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  • #8

    Risque Tulip 10 Function Waterproof G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

    • Risque Tulip 10 Function Waterproof G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator
    • Intensify your orgasmic feelings and reach your climax with ease! With 10 mind-blowing vibration functions, the dual-action Risque Tulip Vibrator delivers electrifying pleasure to your body. Let your pleasure bloom with this sensual sex toy!

      Key Benefits:

      • Sleek and slim dual-action vibrator -- perfect for beginners!
      • Designed to stimulate your clitoris and massage your G-spot simultaneously
      • Comes with 10 powerful vibration and pulsation functions for endless pleasure potential!
      • Bulb-shaped head for complete coverage over your sweet spots and for exciting insertion sensations
      • High-tech memory chip installed to remember your favorite vibrations!
      • Luxury vibrator with a quiet and discreet motor for your secret pleasure
      • Velvety soft and smooth material for easier insertion and extra comfort!
      • Excellent for internal and external stimulation
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  • #9

    Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator

    • Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator by  Rocks Off -  - 1
    • Take aim and fire with the world's most powerful micro vibe! Packed with powerful pleasure, the Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator unleashes intense waves of passionate vibrations to your sweet spots so you can enjoy even better orgasms.

      Key Benefits:

      • Powerful single-speed vibrator that delivers endless pleasure!
      • Discreet and petite vibrator that you can bring anywhere with you for on-the-go fun
      • 100% waterproof for bath and shower play!
      • 1-touch activation button for instant pleasure
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  • #10

    Climax Bunnies Lavender Bunny Bullet Vibe

    • Climax Bunnies Lavender Bunny Bullet Vibe
    • Get mind-blowing, back-arching climaxes every time with the Climax Bunnies Bunny Bullet Vibrator!

      Key Benefits:

      • 10 sensational functions to customize your pleasure!
      • Bunny design with soft bunny ears that vibrate when vibrator is turned on for a tantalizing tease
      • Jack pin remote control for easy operation and variety in vibrator use
      • Perfect bedside bunny toy for intense, mind-blowing clitoral stimulation
      • Compatible with both water, and silicone-based lubricants for added comfort!
      • Clean up is a snap, simply apply a good quality anti-bacterial cleaner
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