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Your Guide To Luxury Vibrators

Spoil yourself and invest in your sexual happiness with a luxury vibrator! A little indulgence goes a long way when it comes to these designer-brand sex toys. But, if you need more convincing, read through our luxury vibrator guide and learn more about these lovely buzzing beauties that are a treat to behold (and hold)! Then have a look at our Best Selling Luxury Vibrators - to ensure you take home the best!


What Traits Make Vibrators a Luxury Product?

“What’s so great about luxury vibrators, anyway? Aren’t they the same as low-cost alternatives?” Well, we understand why interested buyers are hesitant about purchasing a luxury vibrator mainly due to the price. Investing in a luxury pleasure toy is a big deal, and that’s why we want to help you see that luxury vibes don’t have just a price-only difference; these high-end toys have more than their upscale price.

1. Made from High-Quality Materials

Luxury vibrators are commonly made with high-grade materials that are soft, comfortable, and durable. You don’t have to worry about wear-and-tear for a long time, and you don’t need to replace your toys over and over again. They also don’t have any strange, potent smells that you may get with cheaper alternatives. Most luxury toys have a sleek and smooth body to make insertion or external stimulation better for you. An example of a silky-smooth luxury vibe: the Jopen Vanity VR7 Rechargeable Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator.

Jopen Vanity VR7 Rechargeable Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator

2. Built with Better Motors

Motors for extravagant vibrators are much quieter and more discreet compared to other vibrators. If you don’t want a loud buzz being a buzzkill during your self-pleasure session, luxury vibrators give you the silent fun you desire. Some of these vibrating orgasm-inducing toys also are more powerful and send deeper, more intense vibrations to your sweet spots for better enhanced arousal. For even more pleasure-packed fun, some upscale vibrating toys have dual-motor power.

3. Innovative Creations

Since they’re on the more expensive side of the sex toy spectrum, luxury vibrators can be more innovative and high-tech compared to regular vibrators. The more technology and research that goes into the product’s creation, the more likely it’ll be at a higher price; that’s just part of the investment you’ll make when you buy a luxury vibrator.

Let’s take a look at Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch Fingertip Vibe. Unlike other finger vibrators like the Screaming O FingO Fun Finger Tingly Vibe and the Neon Finger Fun Vibe, the Hello Touch is extra petite and portable and gives you pleasure right at your fingertips (literally)! This luxury finger vibe is makes masturbation (whether by yourself or with your partner) more personal since the Hello Touch has a barely-there form. With its thin and secure wrist band, the finger vibe stays in place and gives you maximum control. You won’t find this type of vibrator in the lower priced vibrator category!

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Fingertip Vibe

4. Rechargeable and Wireless Remote Controls

You’ll find that many luxury vibrators have rechargeable systems so you don’t have to spend extra on new batteries as you continue using your toy. Some rechargeable adult toys require a plug outlet (e.g., while others are USB rechargeable (e.g., Womanizer W500 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator and Simpli Pleasure Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Luxury Vibrator) or a cordless charging platform (e.g., Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator), which makes them even more convenient for traveling. They’re also eco-friendly toys and cost-effective since you don’t need to toss away old batteries and replace them.

Womanizer W500 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Several luxury pleasure-enhancing tools have wireless remote controls such as the We-Vibe 4 Plus Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Couples Vibrator and the LELO Insignia Lyla 2. With a wireless remote controlled vibrator, you can enjoy more flexibility in movement. These versatile, high-tech toys are even great for bedroom play; just let your partner control your pleasure and surprise you with thrills when you hand over the remote. Other remote-controlled vibes have cords attached to the main vibrator component, which can limit how far you can reach depending on your body position. Wireless controls eliminate that barrier. You’ll rarely find a luxury vibrator that has an attached remote control.


5. Offered by Luxury Intimate Product Makers + Elegant Packaging

Brand name and reputation let you know what kind of products to expect. For example, one of the giants in the luxury sex toy niche is LELO, a Swedish company known for releasing exquisite and highly satisfying intimate products. Every time you purchase a LELO product, you receive extra accessories and have everything presented to you in a beautiful package that makes you feel like you’re receiving something extra special.


10 Sophisticated Vibrators + Their Luxurious Benefits

The toys we believe are the most extravagant have made it on this list, and each intimate toy listed here will help you understand the various luxury vibrators offered. By knowing more about the wide range of luxury pleasure tools available, you can narrow down your favorites and add them to your collection.

1. Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set

Get the ultimate sensual set of naughty sex toys and essentials with the Jimmyjane After Dark Gift Set! Featuring Jimmyjane’s exclusive FORM 2 Clitoral Vibrator, this set has all you need for a relaxing and extravagant evening with yourself or with your lover.

The FORM 2 has a unique bunny-like form with flexible ‘ears’ that bend to envelop the clitoris with thrilling and stimulating vibrations. Since it’s a luxury vibe, the FORM 2 is rechargeable and comes with a charging base for your convenience. Its miniature size also makes it easy for you to enjoy on-the-go pleasure.

You also receive a luscious scented massage oil candle that melts into irresistibly silky body oil to pour over your body or your partner’s physique for intimate play. For an even more relaxing experience, use the included M Massage Stone with the oil.    

Other exclusive Jimmyjane rechargeable luxury clitoral vibrators:

Best For: Individuals or couples who want to bring more relaxing, intimate pleasure back into their sex life. Also makes a fantastic present for the special someone in your life.

2. LELO Iris Bestselling Vibrator

With a breathtaking, floral design, the LELO Iris is one of our best-selling luxury vibrators, and for good reason, too! The gorgeous design and elegant curve of this exquisite adult toy enhances internal stimulation by stroking your G-spot (a hidden erogenous zone in your vaginal canal) and massaging your inner walls with the textured surface. Rechargeable and loaded with two powerful motors, this eco-friendly pleasure wand gives you double the strength and power for better sexual satisfaction. You can use the Iris for internal and external stimulation, so you also get a versatile toy for G-spot and clitoral excitement.

Best For: Ladies who want a versatile luxury sex toy that supports G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

LELO Iris Bestselling Vibrator

3. Jopen Vanity VR9 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

Super slim and sophisticated, the Jopen Vanity VR9 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator is a beginner-friendly high-end vibe that has a unique, curvy shape for direct G-spot stimulation. The rounded tip makes it easier to apply pressure on your vaginal sweet spot and helps you stimulate this secret pleasure zone. With two motors and multiple intensity levels, you can experience better-than-ever G-spot arousal. The Jopen VR9 G-Spot Vibrator also is a rechargeable pleasure wand and USB compatible.

Best For: Women who want to awaken their G-spot hassle free.

4. OhMiBod iPod Massager ‘Vibrates to the Beat of Music’

Jam to your favorite tunes and enjoy naughty fun at the same time with the high-tech OhMiBod iPod Massager! This simple, yet luxury, classic vibrator hooks up to your iPod or other electronics (mp3 player, CD player, laptop, smartphone, etc.) and buzzes to the beat of any song you play. With this exciting hot spot massager, you can have a completely customizable sex toy that gives you unlimited unpredictable vibration patterns and modes. You’ll never get bored with this vibrator! Even without a music player, the OhMiBod iPod Massager has built-in vibration speeds.

Best For: Sex toy enthusiasts who want a vibrator with more personalization options or women who love the idea of combining pleasure with music.

OhMiBod iPod Massager 'Vibrates to the Beat of Music While You Listen!'

5. Sensuelle Touch Pink Rechargeable Vibrator

You’ve never seen a bullet vibrator this fancy! The Sensuelle Touch Rechargeable Vibrator is a chic and petite pleasure toy that works splendidly for everyday use. With seven exciting vibration patterns and velvety soft texture, this lovely buzzing toy provides a variety of sensory stimulation for your lady bits to appreciate.

Best For: Those who want a small, simple luxury vibe for quick and intense orgasms.

6. LELO Pico Bong Transformer

Here’s another fantastic example of a luxury vibrator that’s innovative! You won’t find the LELO Pico Bong Transformer anywhere else. Designed with a double-ended body, this super flexible vibrator bends and twists to create all sorts of popular sex toys (e.g., prostate massager, G-spot massager, clitoral stimulator) for you to indulge in. The Pico Bong Transformer has plenty of vibration patterns for you to experiment with (10 total speeds!). It also has a quiet motor for discreet and travel-friendly pleasure.

Best For: Anyone (no matter your sex) who wants an all-in-one, beginner-friendly luxury sex toy.

                  LELO Pico Bong Transformer

7. Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2

Presenting a classic female vibrator in upgraded form: the Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2! This elite vibrating snow bunny is a dual-action sex toy that massages your G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Made from high-quality, silky soft material, this cutting-edge vibrator slides inside you effortlessly and gives you the comfort you need to relax and fully enjoy the toy. With rechargeable components, this rabbit vibrator is the definition of a luxury toy.

Best For: Women who want a long-lasting rabbit vibrator that has a luxurious feel and appearance while providing ultimate dual pleasure and blended orgasms.

8. Aneros Vice Vibrating Male G-Spot Stimulator

Prep your backdoor hot spot with this badass prostate massager! With its girthy, curvaceous form, the Aneros Vice Vibrating Male G-Spot Stimulator gives you an extra dose of mind-blowing anal pleasure. The handle extensions on the end of this luxury anal vibrator prevent the toy from going in too deep (and saving you an embarrassing trip to the E.R.) and helps make retrieval and maneuvering the toy easier. The bullet vibrator included can be used separately on your lady lover while you use the main part for yourself.

Best For: Men who want to experience the famed P-Spot Orgasm and secretly indulge in backdoor pleasure with a superior anal and prostate vibrator.

Aneros Vice Vibrating Male G-Spot Stimulator

9. Jimmyjane Hello Touch

We mentioned the Jimmyjane Hello Touch earlier in this guide, and it’s worth mentioning again because of its incredibly creative approach to clitoral stimulation! The soft finger pads are the nucleus of pleasure for this ingenious finger vibrator. Even with a single speed, you can get endless stimulation fun with this portable and compact luxury vibe.

Want this in another color? Go here for the black-colored version of the Hello Touch.

Best For: Couples who want to bring sex toys to the bedroom or women who want to boost their solo masturbation sessions with vibrations.

10. LELO ORA 2 ‘The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator’

Oral sex 24/7 is now available for all you ladies who love it! The Ora 2 is an original creation from LELO that perfectly mimics wild and stimulating tongue action from oral sex acts. This luxury oral sex simulator has its own unique ‘tongue’ that swirls and increases in pressure when you hold it closer to your body (thanks to LELO’s exclusive SenseTouch Technology). Ten various vibration modes are programmed in this luxury toy, and it even has a memory chip to save your favorite setting for your next solo session! That’s a luxury vibrator for you.  

Best For: Oral sex lovers who want to have access to it all the time! Also excellent for beginners who don’t have oral sex experience yet, but want to know what it’s like.

LELO ORA 2 'The World's Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator'

These 10 pleasure tools are just a handful of luxury vibrators from our collection. To see more stunning and top-performing vibes, browse through our Luxury Vibrators Collection.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Luxury Vibe

To help you with your journey to find the perfect luxury vibrator and see if it’s the right sex toy investment for you, here’s a list of critical questions to ask yourself so you can make your buying decision:

1. “What product features am I looking for? Do I want something with unique functions?”

As you’ve seen from our Top 10 list, there is an assortment of luxury vibrators that have one-of-a-kind functions and designs that you’ll never find from other sex toy manufacturers. Some features you may consider in a luxury vibrator can be the amount of vibration speeds and variations it has; if it’s easy to hold or portable so you can have a travel pleasure buddy; and if the toy is rechargeable and can save you the hassle of buying more batteries when the juice runs out. Make sure you read the product descriptions carefully and understand the functions before buying.

2. “What are other customers saying about this toy?”

Checking reviews from other buyers can help you make a smart buying decision. You can see how others have responded with the vibe you’re interested in. Search for blog or video reviews on Google for the product, too, and find out what sex toy reviewers and fanatics are saying since their reviews are usually helpfully detailed.

3. “What does the luxury vibrator look like in action?”

If you need more visuals of the product, watch a video demo of it. Most of the luxury vibrators we have here at Simpli Pleasure have videos on their product pages. Take time to view the video and watch the toy in action. Witnessing what you can do with a high-end adult toy can make your buying process easier.

4. “What matters most to me when it comes to my personal pleasure?”

Know what you want to get from your new toy. For instance, if you want to experience multiple orgasms and stimulate more than one pleasure zone, get a luxury dual-action vibrator. If you’re a beginner and want to start of slow and steady with sex toys, try a luxury bullet vibrator. Read through the features and benefits of any first-rate vibrating pleasure tools and make notes of any features listed that matches your sexual desires; you can narrow down product options with this method.

5. “What kind of stimulation am I looking for?”

From straight-forward clitoral action to intense and explosive G-spot orgasms, you can achieve all kinds of pleasure possibilities with sex toys. Since there is a treasure trove of chic and ritzy vibrators to try, find one that caters to your naughty needs.

Still skeptical about buying a high-end sex toy for your pleasure box? Try thinking of it this way: If you buy organic produce because you want to reap the benefits that pesticide-free fruits and vegetables offer, despite being more expensive than ordinary produce, then the benefits of a luxury vibrator is well-worth the investment, too. Keep in mind that luxury sex toys are long lasting, and most of them are rechargeable, so you also get a free pass on battery purchases over time. Consider our buying tips for luxury vibrators and check out the rest of our Luxury Vibrator Collection, as well as our compiled list of best selling luxury vibes, to ensure you purchase the right one!

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