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Sex Toy Guides

A Guide To Buying Extra Quiet Vibrators

Whether you’re a mom with a house full of kids and need a little ‘me time’ or you’re a college student who needs to get away from crazy class schedules and roommates for a little personal fun, extra quiet vibrators will be your best friend! Although it’s true that there’s not a vibrator (yet!) that’s 100 percent silent, you can still fool those around you and fly under the radar with your sexual desires. These super quiet vibrators are designed specifically to give you the ecstasy and satisfaction you’re looking for without the hassle or disturbance of loud vibrations. Now you can stop being paranoid and wondering, “What if someone hears me and my secret comes out?!” Read our exclusive guide to see what types of vibes you can get that are designed specifically for quiet, pleasurable settings anywhere you go.

Choosing The Right Dual Action Vibrator

Seeking more pleasure from your toys or want a 2-in-1 vibrator that sends you to the next level of mind-blowing orgasms? Try the dual-action vibrator, an upgraded version of the vibrating sex toy that only stimulates a single sweet spot (e.g., clitoral vibrators for clitoral pleasure only). Get to know these multi-talented vibes with our buying guide here and bring one home to satisfy your erotic desires - and when you think you're ready have a look at our Top 10 Dual Vibes and pick yourself a guaranteed winner!

Beginner's Guide To Better Sex With Couple's Vibrators

Pack your bags because you and your lover are going on vacation to Pleasure Island! But, before you leave, read through our exclusive guide on Couples Vibrators and make your vacation even more adventurous by bringing a couples sex toy with you. Couples vibrators are designed specifically for adding extra erotic fun to your love life. Hesitant about using a vibrator in the bedroom? Take notes from the 41 percent of men and women who have used a vibrator for foreplay or the 37 percent of men and women who added a third party (a.k.a. the vibrator) to intercourse. If you still need convincing, read on to explore the world of couples vibrators.

Which Vibrators Are The Most Discreet?

You’ll never get busted or get caught red(hot)-handed when you have a discreet vibrator in your possession! Better than other vibrators that you can only use at home, these vibes come in a variety of forms, but they’re all travel-friendly and quiet enough to use even when other people are around. No one will ever suspect a thing, and they’re great to have when you want to keep your guilty pleasure top secret. Use our guide here to learn more about these exciting vibrators!

How To Choose & Use The Best G-Spot Vibrator

Not sure what the G-spot is? Let us help you out there! Read on to learn more about your anatomy and secret sexual pleasure zones. You’ll also learn plenty about the best G-spot locator in our guide: the G-spot vibrator! Once you learn all you can, head over to out Top 10 G-Spot Vibrators list and get yourself the perfect vibe!

Beginner's Guide To Classic Vibrators

Whether you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to sex toys, classic vibrators are for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not familiar with these popular sex toys for women, here’s our handy buying guide to help you out.

How To Choose A Realistic Dildo Vibrator

What’s the deal with these so-called sex toys called ‘realistic dildo vibrators’? Glad you asked because here’s our thorough guide on these innovative 2-in-1 pleasure-packed joysticks!

Which Is The Best Rabbit Vibrator?

It’s an intimate toy no woman should be without: It’s the Rabbit! The rabbit vibrator is one of the most best-selling adult toys out there for women. With its dual-action delights and multiple naughty functions, these adorable, feminine, and arousing vibrators are a must-have for any pleasure-seeking lady. If you’re new to sex toys or want to learn more about rabbit vibrators, read through our handy guide! Or if you think you're ready to pick your favourite, check out our rabbit collection and our user-generated Top 10 Rabbits.

Which Magic Wand Vibrator Is The Best?

Not familiar with a magic wand vibrator? Our detailed and straight-to-the-point buying guide for these popular adult toys will help you learn more about what they can do for you. We’ll also share trending pleasure wands for you to add to your own toy box!

Your Guide To Luxury Vibrators

Spoil yourself and invest in your sexual happiness with a luxury vibrator! A little indulgence goes a long way when it comes to these designer-brand sex toys. But, if you need more convincing, read through our luxury vibrator guide and learn more about these lovely buzzing beauties that are a treat to behold (and hold)!

How To Choose The Best Anal Vibrator

Overwhelmed with all the anal vibrator choices available? Not sure what anal vibrators are or if it’s a toy you want to bring home? Here’s your one-stop buying guide for all your backdoor pleasure needs! Get the low-down on these exciting anal vibrators and see if they’re right for you. And when you're done your learning, be sure to check out our Best Selling Anal Vibrators list that we've created based on reviews and sales from our customers!

Different Types of Vibrators - Buyers Guide

Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys on the market, but they also come in many varieties. If you don’t know where to start, use this handy vibrator guide to help make your buying process easier. Our beginners guide to vibrators is organized in different sections to help you see the wide range of vibrators we offer that deliver to every need.